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ERASMUS+ Project KA 2: Strategic Partnership

Integrated reading and writing support in subject lessons in vocational education 

September 2015 – August 2018    Contract Number VG-SPS-RP-15-36-013584


This project offers an innovative concept of the integrated promotion of reading and writing skills in vocational education, adaptable to the individual needs of different countries.

Integrated means that reading and writing tasks and their support are included in authentic or semi-realistic job-related scenarios. The project is focusing on a more sustainable learning effect as it promotes receptive and productive skills of written language and using transfer effects between both competences. By using scenarios, student acquire both, subject and reading/writing competences in a motivating learning environment. The project partners are from Science, In-service-Teacher Training Institutions and vocational schools. Thus essential teaching and learning aspects are considered.


Target groups

Students are the primary target group due to the fact that many students in vocational schools only have very limited tools and strategies for text work and writing. Learning in general, but also in the subjects, with inadequate reading and writing competences is barely possible. The secondary target group are teachers in vocational schools. The framework of the integrative promotion of reading and writing skills as part of the project will help them to support their students in acquiring the necessary competences.


Project products

Project activities

Development of a practical method for analysing the needs of the primary and secondary target group. Design of an integrated promotion of reading and writing  skills whilst taking into account the needs of the primary and secondary target group. Mediation of the framework to participating teachers, adaption to country-specific circumstances. Creation of modular lesson units and lesson materials (scenarios). Trials and subsequent revisions of the lesson units and lesson materials. Scenario implementation in participating vocational schools. Mutual experience exchange of for participating teachers. For detailed description of the project products and the documents please go to outputs.